Moving from Problem to Solution: Solutions-Focused Approach for Managers, and for Others Too by Victoria Spashchenko
Bookboon​.​com, 2023, 36 pages, ISBN: 978-8740346565, £8.99 (e-book),

We are blessed with many books in the Solution Focused canon. There are books from the early days of the practice, and books that contribute to the on-going development. There are many books which help people to apply Solution Focused Practice (SFP) to specific applications. And there are books that help us as practitioners to develop our skills and our practice. I cannot claim to have read them all, but I have yet to find a book that serves our community and our clients as well as Moving From Problem To Solution by Victoria Spashchenko.

Victoria’s book is a short, simple, easy-to-access SFP training and reference book that will prove immensely useful to existing practitioners, and more excitingly, to those who are new to the practice.

From the very first page, Victoria provides useful and insightful knowledge, explanation, and practical tools that can help the reader’s understanding. Brilliantly, the book can be referred to in the moment that help is needed. If you are new to the practice, or perhaps have been trained and are now flying solo, this book is an essential reference guide to keep in easy reach. Its simple, logical layout and concise, precise language make it ideal for a pre-meeting refreshment of the approach, or even a quick check mid-conversation. Using it in this way will help people new to SFP to embed the practice, delivering better outcomes as they develop as practitioners.

With that in mind, I recommend this book as a bulk purchase to all of us who train others in SFP. If you would like a concise reference book for your students to refer to after the initial training, Victoria’s book will help them consolidate their practice. If you would like your students to benefit from the SFP training you have given them, I recommend you include a copy of Moving from Problem to Solution as part of your post-training support package.

This review is deliberately brief, in honour of the elegant brevity of Victoria’s 36-page book. Thank you, Victoria, for such an excellent contribution to the SFP community.